Since 1998, the Food Cupboard weekly provides nonperishable and frozen items to those that are in need of food.  We serve many families from our community. The Food Bank is solely supported through the generosity of donations of food and money from the community and  our church’s congregation and organizations.   Food Cupboard hours are Tuesday-Wednesday, 9:00 a.m. to Noon, unless otherwise posted.



This fund was started in the early 1990s. This fund’s purpose is to provide personal assistance to local people in need. The fund is solely supported by monetary donations from our church’s organizations and our congregation. Please contact the church office  for more information  at (970)872-3540.



Our Prayer Quilt Ministry  was established in November of 2006 under the leadership of Pastor Chris Richardson and Nancy Foster.  Each quilt is a gift of prayers. Prayer Quilts are given to anyone locally and have been sent to other parts of the country and world. A request for a Prayer Quilt is made by calling  the church office at (970)872-3540. 



HCUMC has a covenant relationship with the Mefors to help support their missionary work in Zimbabwe. Through our yearly “Smilestones” donations we help support their missionary work. Not only do they practice their medical skills, but oversee a compound that includes a dental clinic (Dentists without Borders come twice a year), a training center, a chapel, and extended training out in the countryside. They also oversee a farm that provides some of the food necessary to keep the hospital/compound supplied plus they visit some of the very poor in the area and take a small supply of food to them.  In addition to our yearly “Smilestones” donations HCUMC sent  money to help build a toilet facility.  

Dr. Emmanuel Ufonna Mefor, a medical doctor, is a missionary with the Board of Global Ministries of The United Methodist Church currently assigned to Mutambara, Zimbabwe. Mrs. Mefor is also a GBGM missionary.